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Abiel de Groot
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Hi All

I am setting up a web server to send Newsletters to registered users. I am using Persits ASPmail version

Iam using 'Mail.TLS = True' and everything seems to be working fine, even when I use the queue method as: 'Mail.Queue = True'. However, when I use this I do not receive the email... at least not yet.

What are the issue swith using the queue folder in Gmail and are there ways in which I could do this better.

All ideas welcome.

Kind regards

Abiel M de Groot Sanders

PS. I am out for the rest of the day. I will check back on this question tomorrow Sat 04th Oct 2013.
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Not sure why you involve GMail (and queue and tags)  in this question, as the queue resides on the webserver. The queue is meant to let the users have a faster response (because the webserver is not sending ALL email in one go, but more controlled over time).
Abiel de GrootDeveloper


Many thanks


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