Ricoh Scanning to workstation

We have a Ricoh 2800 and I need to set them up to scan in a non domain environment.-they now have a location that their just in a workgroup a none domain- 5 pc`s Win 7-no server.
I need to get the copier to scan to a share folder on  a workstation but its not working!
Is it possible to do, we used Scan router in the past but that was on a Server.

Any ideas?
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Seems the Ricoh could have SEVERAL problems, so you need to check them all:

1. Problems with SMB v2 (the signing function, disable on the PC dedicated as "server")
Set both values to 0 and reboot the PC:


2. Share a drive without spaces (\\server\scans instead of \\server\scanned files)

3. don't use \\server\scans, but \\ipnumber\scans

4. Give up, install Filezilla FTP server (free!) on the "server" (easier to track what's going wrong too, just follow the log screen!), make a user account that drops the files in the shared folder.
wyliecoyoteukIT directorCommented:
Is that an MP 2800, or an MPC 2800?

If it is an older model, some of them will not work with the latest version of SMB without a firmware update.
(some very old models do not have a firmware update available).

Filezilla is a good suggestion, or use scan to email.
winservertechAuthor Commented:
We got it to work, recreated new account and it work. There must have been a problem with the other one.

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winservertechAuthor Commented:
We got it to work, recreated new account and it work. There must have been a problem with the other one.
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