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Shipping Cost Scenario - Magento


I have a shipping cost scenario where costs are calculated based on postcode and also based on number of pallettes required.

I was thinking i could add the pallette required to the "weight" attribute and calculate costs that way.

i.e. product 1 = 0.5 pallettes

But products cant be shared every time. i.e.
palette = 100
2 x @0.3
1 x @0.5
1 x @0.9
Total = 2.0 (which would mean 2 palettes)

But the 0.5 product cant be chopped up and shared across the remaining space on the other pallettes!

how can i calculate this? is there a magento addon that will do this or do i need to write my own? ( and if so pointers appreciated)

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I'm not following your logic for how many palletes you might need
I would say
...would be a great starting point, I have used it and it works great, they also have more advanced commercial extensions but I'm not sure if they would suit you, without understanding your logic.
coolispaulAuthor Commented:
well example order:

1 palette = 1.0

2 product A x @0.3
1 product B x @0.5
1 product C x @0.9

This in total would equal 2.0  (0.3 + 0.3 + 0.5 + 0.9)

Product A is 0.6 and can go on 1 pallete
Product C is 0.9 and can go on 1 pallette
Product B is 0.5 and can go on 1 pallette (it cant go on half a pallette and it cant be shared across teh other pallettes

So, actually i need 3 pallettes, not 2...

Maybe this, but I do not know if it will be able to handle that exact scenario

Try calling them/live help.
There would be quite some logic going into calculating the minimum required.
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