Problem emailing AOL addresses for just one user

I have one user who now cannot Email any AOL addresses he gets this error. I can email the same AOL addresses from the company's administrator account so it seems like its just for this one user. I verified with out Spam filter the message is getting blocked on the AOL side. I can't seem to find any way of contacting AOL unless you're a paying AOL subscriber. I can't think of any way of contacting them is there another way to address a problem like this.

did not reach the following recipient(s):

There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient's email server. Please verify the e-mail address to which you sent the message is correct. Otherwise, contact your system administrator.
Response from destination mail server:
521 5.2.1 :  AOL will not accept delivery of this message.
Axis52401Security AnalystAsked:
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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Someone at AOL must have flagged that sender as spam.
Your only option might be to go through the Feedback loop process to see if you can establish the communication again.

Not a lot you can do about it otherwise, as this is a problem with AOL and only AOL can resolve it.

Is he trying to send email to large number recipients?
Can anyone else send email to AOL in your organization?
Have you asked the user to log on to a different machine (for IP change) and try sending email to AOL?
Axis52401Security AnalystAuthor Commented:
No just 1 address at a time but to any AOL address the problem happens
Yes everyone else can
I tried it from his account via the Outlook Web access so essentially I tried that
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Have you been through the AOL postmaster site?

Axis52401Security AnalystAuthor Commented:
Yes but none of the options help me. Its not an IP reputation problem or else no one here would be able to send to AOL addresses, I thought the Postmaster Support Request might lead me to somewhere helpful but has a section for AOL members which does not apply and a drop down menu of choices for non members none of which apply to this problem. I followed them all out and none lead to any way of contacting AOL without being a paid member.
Try this on AOL postmaster site:

Non-AOL members, select:
Other issues

General Support Request
Are you receiving an error message, select

Fill out the relevant information.
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