Windows 7 max connections file share

by default windows 7 only allows 20 users to connect to file share at there a way to increase this by 30-40 connections at once....
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Daniel HelgenbergerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, this would violate the EULA. You need to use windows server, or for instance Linux with samba.
Also, windows 7 limits the number of new TCP connections witch can be established. This is why I do not recommend using non Windows Server for network services you depend on.
Skyler KincaidNetwork/Systems EngineerCommented:
There is a 20 connection (TCP connections) limit and also a 10 user limit. This is something that justifies the need for a full Windows Server OS.

The only way to temporarily get around it is constantly restarting the Server service to stop all the connections and start allowing new ones. That will work until it maxes out again and then they will start failing.
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