EXEC SQL not supported

Using Query designer in MS Visual Studio.
need to use exec stmt
Get a Query Definitions Differ warning

The follow errors were encountered while parsing the contents of the SQL pane:
The EXEC SQL construct or statement is not supported.
The query cannont be represented graphically in the Diagram and Criteria Pane.

Continue removes the line.
Seems to work fine in SSMS (no graphical issues in there).

Can this be used in Visual Studio Qry Designer?
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Jim HornConnect With a Mentor Microsoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
Correct, the designer does not have the ability to get the schema of a SP, either the return set or all of the tables and joins that make up the return set.

SP's can be used as the source of data, just not edited in the designer.
ShawnGrayAuthor Commented:
Got it. Thanks
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