Proper VBA code in Excel - Selecting cells

I am trying to figure out how to copy a dynamic range on another sheet to paste into the current sheet.  The range would be cell A1 and extended to the right.  I can make it happen with Select statements, but that's not the right way.  Just trying to figure out the "best" way without Select.

This is the code that works:
    Range(ActiveCell, ActiveCell.End(xlToRight)).Copy

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This does not (I get  an Object Required error on the second line):
    Locat = Sheets(2).Range("a1").Address
    Range(Locat, Locat.End(xlToRight)).Copy

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This also does not work -I get a Compile error Expected: List seperator or ) and it highlights the period beforee end
Sheets(2).range("a1", "a1".End(xlToRight)).Copy

I know I am just doing one thing wrong, but can't find it.  Thanks in advance.
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Try this:

with Sheets(2)
.range(.cells(1,"A"), .cells(1,"A").End(xlToRight)).Copy
'or .range(.cells(1,1), .cells(1,1).End(xlToRight)).Copy
'or Sheets(2).range(.[a1], .[a1].End(xlToRight)).Copy
end with

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Sheets(2).Range("A1:A" & Sheets(2).Range("A1").End(xlToRight).Row).Copy

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pmpataneAuthor Commented:
Thanks FamousMortimer...I really like that solution as well...more in line with my thinking when I code
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You asked for the "best" way. Look at nutsch' line 3.

Remember that Excel is good at numbers. Therefore it gives numbers to its rows and columns, not letters. Cell(1, 1) requires less translation that Cells(1, "A") which requires less translation that Range("A1").
From the viewpoint of efficiency Range("A1:A" & Sheets(2).Range("A1").End(xlToRight).Row) definitely is worse than any of the above.

If you want fast and efficient code use the syntax least taxing for Excel's resources.
You are really splitting hairs.  This is one operation, not billions.  Although a nano second or two might be saved, it is easier to read the code so at that point it becomes the preference of the programmer.
pmpataneAuthor Commented:
@FamousMortimer, I made one slight change as I am copying A1 to the right
Sheets(2).Range("A1:" & Sheets(2).Range("A1").End(xlToRight).Address).Copy

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@Faustulus, I understand what you're saying about Excel liking numbers and having to "convert" numbers to letters (e.g. the COLUMN function, etc.) but this code is from 8 lines of code and it is just combining the data from all sheets into one without doing any calculations on the data.  Lots of copying and pasting and I was making sure to avoid Select statements as those are ridiculous time wasters.

Thank you both for your input (and nutsch as well)!  I like learning and seeing many different ways to accomplish the same goal
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