Slow browsing the Internet with VDSL?

I have a very, very strange issue with my BT Infinity.


When I browse the Internet, 20% of pages I want to open, it takes like 3-10 seconds where the browser stays at 'waiting for xxxxxx' before loading this page (similar to dns issues when a PC cannot resolve an IP address and waits forever). It is weird as it is not the same page every time. I can e.g. open 10 pages without any issues and then 3 pages are slow as hell. When I try them again, sometimes they are fast sometimes not. No obvious connection here...


What I have checked so far:


- speedtests show 60Mbps/12Mbps, 7-15ms

- DNS servers hard coded to google and later to open-dns, tested with nslookup - fast and no issues

- tested with two wired devices - the same problem

- ping check ran for 24 hours: 99,9999% received, a few pings dropped only!

- no speed issues, tested with ftp: download speed was around 7MBps and stable

- no issues with Skype (including video skype).

- tried different browsers on these two PCs


Not sure what else I can do. I can imagine it will be a nightmare trying to explain it to a 1st line support BT engineer over the phone...

There is an ASA 5505 at the end of this VDSL line
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Did you shut down all your bittorrent sessions (maybe it's still running in the background) ? Any other peer to peer (like the chinese pps) programs running (even if you think it's not, check it with task manager).
@ Kimputer
This is not bittorrent (lol) BT is a UK telecommunications company

If you have tried everything your side, which looks like you have, then the only option is to contact BT. At least they can test some things on their like is there a problem with their DNS responders.

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m1979Author Commented:
Contacted BT, they will investigate.
Actually I know BT is a telecom company. It's just that he mentioned DNS like problems and a Cisco device.
Being a heavy torrenter myself, I have one site with a Cisco modem, and that's the only site where these DNS problems happen when two or more torrents are active. The moment you stop these torrent, the internet connection is perfect. It's a local PC problem, as the other PC's in the network don't have this problem at that same time, unless those PC's start torrenting two or more files themselves (hence, it's probably a Cisco thingy, as other sites with the same torrent config have no problems, with another modem, and more files at the same time).

I'm with UPC and when that happens they normally do an IP refresh (assuming nothing else wrong) which usually fixes it.  But they also do it while I'm on the phone with them to make sure - don't know why BT have to 'investigate'
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