symantec endpoint encryption device control

Symantec endpoint encryption device control will not recognize usb 3 port on new laptop.
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There are still some issues with SEE and USB 3.0 ports, most are to do with certain devices over USB 3.0 not being blocked so if what you want is to allow USB 3.0 generally you should currently be fine.  You do need to make sure you are running an SEE version which is patched to recognise USB 3.0 hardware correctly (2.8.x onward - current is (I believe) 2.8.8)  you'll then need to check if the USB 3.0 port is recognized as a physical port under General Devices.  If it isn't you'll have to add it manually as a manager to the devices Whitelist.  

There's enough chatter about this on Symantec's user boards that a new fix that will avoid having to manually fix USB 3.0 settings can't be long away now.
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