Password Reset on Cisco Catalyst 4510R-E switch

Super junior admin level. I don't have the enable password to our Cisco Catalyst 4510R switch. I have been looking for documentation on how to do this and have found stuff like below, but am hoping to get a super simple step by step so I don't make a mistake. If someone could point me to an idiot proof document, or provide the steps, that would be awesome and I can sleep tonight instead of freaking out.  ;-)  I must keep the current config  because there are vlans configured by the guy who set it up.  I DO have access to the managment console using Putty, and have verified I can at least log in. But non of my passwords work for enable, sigh.
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pijiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is the right link, just remember during the password recovery don't save config to Startup-config first which will wipe your config. Also the VLANs name and number will save in flash as well.
That's the document you have in the link. Cisco makes it very diffecult to get into enable mode, if it was simple the security risks of being inflitrated would be hugh.
adamant40Author Commented:
Thank you for the additional information.
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