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I have to design a report such that-
I have 2 tables RXS and HRXS, they are joined on rx#,patient# and facility#.
When displaying I have to display data from both rxs and hrxs table like a union all.
Is it possible in crystal?
Please advice.
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Joining indicates these is a relationship you wish to use between the tables like an SalesOrder and SalesOrderDetails

SalesOrder has the SalesOrder # and information on the customer while the details has the details of the order.  

Generally linking like this is between tables that have different data

A desire for a union would indicate the tables have the same data columns for instance one being Open Orders and the other being Fulfilled or Closed Orders

You can do a union in Crystal in 3 basic ways
1.  Create a view/stored procedure in the database that unions the data

2.  Use a Crystal COMMAND as the source like
      SELECT RXS.RX#, RXS.Patient#, RXS.Facility#  FROM RXS
     SELECT HRXS.RX#, HRXS.Patient#, HRXS.Facility#  FROM HRXS

3.  Use the RXS table for the report and group on The common fields
      In the group footer insert a subreport that uses HRXS as its source and link on the common fields


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