Recurring Hourly task showing as 1 day in Resource Usage


I am trying to insert a recurring daily task in a project plan.
The tasks is for 1 hour that occurs every day.
I add it to the Gaant chart and it has 1 hour duration but when i look at Resource Usage it shows as 8 huors.

Is there something im doing wrong?
I have attached screen shots of the issue.
The version I'm using is Project 2003

Thanks for any help.

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Dr. Thomas HenkelmannConnect With a Mentor Director Consulting ServicesCommented:

just tried exactly what you did in Project 2010 and 2013 with the result as expexted - the resource is used by 1 hour per day across the recurring task.

I'll try to find a copy of Project 2003 to see if I can reproduce your issue. But I remember that Project 2003 did have issues with recurring tasks so it could well be that this is version dependent.


ITUCIRLAuthor Commented:
Thanks Thomas - much appreciated.

Best Regards
I think it's because Alex is assigned at the Summary level for 17.29 days over a 3 week period - ie: full time. Try moving the resource assignment to the individual hour tasks (select all of them and you can assign him/her in bulk) and take the assignment off the summary

- I think this was fixed after 2003
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