Microsoft word won't open

I'm looking for some advise.  I have an employee who can't open MS word when logged in under her name.  She has user privileges and the program works fine when logged on as an administrator.  She tells me that sometimes she can't connect to certain network printers and other similar issues.  Since everything seems to work when logged on as an administrator, I think the issue is with the user profile.  I really don't want to create a new user profile so is there a way to solve the problem?
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What actually happens? Are you in a Citrix or other thin client environment?

The inability to access some printers  could be a permissions problem.

For the inability to open Word, (and depending on the answer to my first question) I would first create another profile for testing purposes.

If that works OK, then it there could be some anomaly with her Word installation. In that case, Microsoft's advice here:
could be useful

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jakester69Author Commented:
Thanks, I forgot about "Ms-Fixit".  I ran that and all seems fine now.  Normally there is no problem with anything but ms word just freezes up and won't open after using the computer for a while but excel works fine.   I'm wondering if it could be an issue with memory or cache?
There is 3GB of memory installed but it looks like the computer is using only 2.  

Anyways, my problem has been solved - thank you.
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