windows 8 keeps rebooting after reboot for bitlocker

installed manual bitlocker 8 (as no tpm module), said would encrypt after reboot.  Now keeps rebooting, unable to get into safe mode.
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ctaufaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi, it just kept rebooting and i could not get into safe mode.  Never made it back to a windows screen.  Could not run restore as i could not get to that page.  Anyway, i removed the hard drive and slid it into an external sata slot  i had attached to another computer and ran a chkdsk /r.  Then i re-installed into the computer and it was fixed.
Hi ctaufa.

You need to improve your description. Your description is far too short, no details, no error messages, no screenshot, nothing to tell us what state the computer is in ("keeps rebooting" is no state-description as you would see when it's rebooting and what message is displayed right before).
Also describe the exact steps how you setup Bitlocker. Normally, it will do a test, reboot and then start encryption - did it boot into windows after the test or did it "start rebooting" right away?
ctaufaAuthor Commented:
Was the only solution that worked as nothing else was advised.
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