need to set a table field

I am reworking an old database which involves finding data in one table to put into another table.  I am having trouble with the second part.  
I get variable not defined for tblStates when  I use;
Update tblStates
   Set CountryID = lngFoundCountryID
   WHERE Country = strCountryToActOn

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I'm sure my troubles far exceed this one, but I am lost (again).
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
" tblStates" should be the name of the table that you want to update..
do you have a table named " tblStates" ?

are you doing this in a query grid or in VBA?
DrftrBobAuthor Commented:
Doing this in VBA
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
try this

currentdb.execute "Update tblStates" _
   & " Set CountryID =" & lngFoundCountryID _
   & " WHERE Country = '" & strCountryToActOn & "'". dbfailorerror
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DrftrBobAuthor Commented:
The last line needs to be (has an extra double quote)
   & " WHERE Country = '" & strCountryToActOn & "'. dbfailorerror
That runs, but it's not adding the data.
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
Update query will not add any record, it will update the content of the field..

and this is correct

 & " WHERE Country = '" & strCountryToActOn & "'", dbfailorerror

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DrftrBobAuthor Commented:
Thanks - the change to a comma took care of the extra quote (forgive my simplicity).  Also, should be dbFailOnError.  It's still not adding that data in the existing records.  It could be something unrelated to our topic.
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
can you upload a copy of your db..
DrftrBobAuthor Commented:
I hope I haven't killed it by removing too much.
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
this part of your query

            & " WHERE Country = '" & strCountryToActOn & "'", dbFailOnError

is not correct,

you don't have a field "Country" in tblStates..
DrftrBobAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  Yes, I now see.  I will be back on this to work-out my next attempt a bit later.
DrftrBobAuthor Commented:
I haven't cleaned this up any for publication, but I have it working with this:
    For i = 1 To lngCountOfSourceItems
        varOriginatingRecord = State_rst.Bookmark
        'Debug.Print CStr(varOriginatingRecord)
        strOriginatingSearchText = State_rst.Fields!State
        strSearchData = strOriginatingSearchText

        Customers_rst.FindFirst "CustStateOrProvince = '" & strSearchData & "'"
        If Customers_rst.NoMatch Then
            MsgBox "State Record not found"
            Else: varFirstSearchedRecord = Customers_rst.Bookmark
            strFirstSearchedText = Customers_rst.Fields!CustCountry
        End If
        Country_rst.FindFirst "Country = '" & strFirstSearchedText & "'"
        If Country_rst.NoMatch Then
            MsgBox "Country Record not found"
            Else: varSecondSearchedRecordID = Country_rst.Fields!CountryID
        End If
        CurrentDb.Execute "Update tblStates" _
        & " Set CountryID = " & varSecondSearchedRecordID _
        & " WHERE State = '" & strOriginatingSearchText & "'", dbFailOnError

    'Debug.Print Customers_rst.Fields!CustStateOrProvince & ", " & Customers_rst.Fields!CustCountry


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