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In our corporate network we have the Domain Administrator account as part of every client computers Local Administrators group.  I realize that anyone that knows the Administrator password and a remote client's computer name could access their system but what would happen if they double-clicked a file on the remote computer they are mapping to would it open on the Remote computer or on the person that is mapping?  

I'm concerned that someone just accessed my notebook remotely because an Excel spreadsheet seemed to open on its own!
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Joseph DalyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If someone with rights double clicked on a file remotely it will open on their machine not yours.

They would need to use some tool like psexec to launch the program under your user context.
WebDevEMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Double-clicking a file on a mapped drive would open it on the computer that clicked it, not on yours as the one hosting the file.  It's just like any other network drive - when you double-click a file it opens on your machine, not the server.

Why a spreadsheet opened for no obvious reason is a different question... There's going to be a reason but it may not be an obvious open.  Most times when that happens you had a file selected (single-clicked) on your desktop or Windows Explorer and thought the focus was someplace else.  Then you hit Enter and the file opened.  It's easy to miss, and easy to do.

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