Regular Expressio to fnd data with non-numeric data

I need a regular expression to find cells that contain non-numeric data.  For example; I need to find the rows below that are listed as invalid.

!2030009D0000              --> This is invalid
9999999999999             ---> This is valid
Test                                 --> This is invalid
0000000111109            ---> This is valid
  0  0  9                           ---> This is Invalid
66719999%000             ---> This is Invalid
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AshokConnect With a Mentor Commented:
since you say cell i'm think excel in which case you could use

If IsNumeric(Range("A1")) Then
hojohappyAuthor Commented:
No not EXCEL.
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in perl could use

$numeric =~ m/(\d+)/;
Regular expression to find cells that contain non-numeric data:


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Terry WoodsIT GuruCommented:
I think you just want to use this pattern to find non-numeric values:

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käµfm³d 👽Commented:
What programming language or text editor are you using? Mazdajai's suggestion is probably the most portable (though you might need to remove the ^ and $ depending on your needs).
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