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VM info for a VM Novice on Dell Server

ESXI 5.0.0  on Dell R710 running Windows Server 2K8R2.  

Currently the soothing blue window on my Dell server is amber. Blue being good and amber being bad.  Turns out through investigation that some system log file is full.  What is needed is Dells Server Manager installed somewhere so I can clear the log file and return the server to the reassuring blue again.  It would be nice for ESXi server manager to let me know a hard drive is failing and all those really neat Dell monitoring tools, but alas... one thing at a time.

I have a Windows Server 2008R2 running on the host.  I'm sort of understanding I can install a couple of MIBs on the ESXi side and have Dells server manager be the target of the MIB reports - or am I reading it all wrong?  

3 Solutions
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Preparing for OMSA Install

1. Downloading and installing the necessary software tools
      Download and install the latest version of Putty from the following location:

      Download and install the latest version of WinSCP

2. The VMware ESXi 5 host server requires the following settings:
      Make sure the ESXi 5 host is in Maintenance Mode.
      Make sure you have enabled SSH in the Troubleshooting Mode Options on the ESXi 5 host located in the <F2> Customize System menu.
**Note:** The Dell OpenManage Offline Bundle and VIB file are required on ESXi 5 for OpenManage Essentials to retrieve the complete hardware and software inventory of Dell PowerEdge servers.  Check for the latest available version of the Dell OpenManage Offline Bundle and VIB for ESXi 5 Prior to installing the VIB file.

Install Dell OMSA on ESXi 5 Host
1. Locate the OMSA offline VIB file that was downloaded.
2. Using WinSCP or similar, copy the VIB zip file over to the ESXi 5 host; for example, to the /tmp directory.
3. Install the VIB file by running one of the following commands:
      a. Using Putty, SSH into the ESXi 5 host and type the following command:
            esxcli software vib install –d /tmp/*OMSA offline VIB file name*
      b. Using the VMware CLI tools from OpenManage Essentials server type:
            esxcli –server <IP address of ESXi5 host> software vib install –d /tmp/*OMSA offline VIB filename*
4. Verify VIB installs as shown below:
5. For the changes to be effective, reboot the ESXi 5 host.
6. After reboot is complete, remove the ESXi 5 host from Maintenance Mode.
7. Install the OpenManage software on your workstation or server
      a. Connect to the host remotely and use the web gui
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
tangot2Author Commented:
Thanks Folks.
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