Laptop wired over wireless connection

I manage a number of laptops in one of my sites and we appear to be having some issues with wireless and wired connections. Doing some reading it was suggested that a wired connection takes priority over a wireless connection if both exist.

To test this out, I put up a file on our ftp site, set the laptop up wired and downloaded the file, I disconnected the cable and downloaded the same file over wireless. I plugged the network cable back in and downloaded the file once more. It downloaded it over wireless even though a wired connection existed

I opened up the advanced settings under Network connections and checked the bindings on the laptop. It showed the wireless at the top. I changed the LAN connection to the top, restarted the laptop and tried it again. This time, the third download did switch over to the wired connection.

I don't want to visit each laptop to make that change so is there a registry item or GPO setting that I can push down to all the laptops through a logon script?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Normally Windows will choose the 'fastest' connection automatically without a reboot.  But there are things that affect it.  The 'metric' number gives priority to the connections with the lower number being the higher priority.  Sounds like the 'metric' is the same for both.  Also if the speed for both appears to be the same, it wouldn't automatically switch.

Here's a Microsoft page on the subject:  I have set the 'metric' manually on my computers instead of 'auto' so they will select the connection I want.

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Skyler KincaidNetwork/Systems EngineerCommented:
I agree with the above post. You need to set the metric on the network adapter. The lower the value the more likely that it will be used.

We supported a law firm that set the wireless metric to 20 and the wired to 10 or 1. This would cause the wired to always be used instead of the wireless. They saw a lot of slowness in Outlook if they were both connected and the metric was set to auto.
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