moving all data from server to server

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I am planning to move our data from our old server to new server with the same data,domain and license.

So the question is , Is it possible to move the same license (windows server 2003 stander) to new server and how to achieve it ?

second is who to move domain data from old server to new server ?

third are there any application to move the whole data with everything in old server to new server ?

Thanks a lot for your help and support .
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Paul MacDonaldConnect With a Mentor Director, Information SystemsCommented:
These are three different questions and should be posted that way, however...

1)  Build the second machine, but don't activate it.  Move the data over, deactivate the old machine, then activate the new one.

2) I don't know what you mean by "domain data", but I suspect Robocopy is your friend.

3) Applications will almost certainly have to be re-installed.
Have you considered installing VMWare on the new server and P2V the old server?
ziadalshowaiterAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for your replay

1) Do you mean to make the second server additional domain and making the additional domain is the main domain ?
 by the way do you mean  (deactivate the old machine) is deactivating the old license (is this steps that you mean )

2) I mean by (domain data) is the NTDS files and SYSVOL file and etc... the domain objects(users ,computers ,OU   etc.....) to move it from one server to the other server

3) i mean by Application that are there any software to be installed in the both servers to transfer the whole data between them
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ziadalshowaiterAuthor Commented:
by installing VMWare that mean i need to buy VMWare license
we do not have the ability to buy VMWARE product , this is difficult for us
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
1) Am I to understand you want to move to a new Domain Controller?  If that's the case, just build a new one, let it synchronize with the existing one, move the FSMO roles to the new one, then demote the old one.

2) With the steps in item (1), this is moot.

3) I don't know of any way to reliably transfer third party applications from one computer to another.
ziadalshowaiterAuthor Commented:
sorry but we discuss about the VMWare  with our administration and they deny it because it doesn't  meet the requirement of our company.

we have small company,so it is very comfortable for us to work with one server .

i could not find any way to deactivate the license form old server to move it to our new server ,so please help me.

by the way our windows is (windows server 2003 STD)
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