sync issues outlook 2010

19:27:45 Synchronization of some deletions failed.
19:27:45              [80040115-514-80040115-130]
19:27:45              Network problems are preventing connection to Microsoft Exchange.
19:27:45              Microsoft Exchange Information Store
19:27:45              For more information on this failure, click the URL below:

i get the following error in my sync folder in outlook 2010. can anyone explain why i get this.
i use a SBS.

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ZamZ0Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Does anyone else get that error? Have you tried running in safe mode?

Try holding CTRL while right clicking the Outlook icon in the system tray and then select Connection Status...

Sometimes syncs just fail for whatever network reason and unless its consistent or numerous it shouldn't be an issue.
far55Author Commented:
I ran in safe mode and didnt get it. when i open in normal mode it its all gone. i will keep monitoring it

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