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Hi Experts,

I wanted to know if there is a template of this website (http://markitondemand.com) in function & framework you can point me to in WordPress.

I know HTML, CSS & JavaScript but this will be the first ground-up site on WordPress. Normally I build all custom from the ground-up - not looking to do that here but rather looking for WYSIWYG as much as possible - simple, little-to-no tweaking as far as coding goes.

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Hello diverseit.. i would be making my way over to themeforest..they are good wordpress template suppliers and will undoubtedly have something you are after..  The CSS for the site you like is massive , hence taking time to learn and implement correctly;

here is a link to a ballpark sample  themeforest exoone for wp
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Thanks for your rapid response!

Yeah, that is a pretty big CSS file! lol. I love CSS and use it primarily when dev/designing but my focus is moving completely away from web dev/design. So I'm not looking for a big dev structure or learning curve since i'm not at the heartbeat of web dev any more.

What I'm really looking for design-wise is a one-page design like the site I included in my questions separated by Divs (or whatever) so that when someone click on "another page" it simply takes them to that section in the single page rather than having a more traditional model with each page being separate.

Based off your site this is what I'm "kind of" looking for in function (no so much in design): http://demo.wpbakery.com/?theme=personal-landing-page
What you're looking for on themeforest is a "one page"  template. There are an abundance of them there. It's a new trend in design. Most of the templates on themeforest will have all of the requisite css, markup, and jquery you'll need. You'll just have to customize a few things. The good authors there provide clear instructions as well.

Good luck!

Hello diverseit..  there actually are some single page wordpress themes on that site.  The one I checked retor looks useful... I just wish they were not for worpdress...and were more for .NET master page scenarios so i could use them.  I tend to avoid the ones with "loaders" that take too much time.  Aside from looks the most important thing I find is having the most common sense content in the most strategic location therfore avoiding people having to think..just react.  Your original site was an excellent example of that.   Here are 2 sample links to "retro" and webmakers...



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Blue Street TechLast KnightAuthor Commented:

Those are perfect! Thanks. Yeah funny thing is when I originally posted this question you were able to see the site I was talking about, then like the next day they changed it. lol

Thanks again!
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