set focus on a text form field html

My html page has a form and towards the end there is a link that takes the page to an anchor near the top of the form.

Is there a way when I click on the link the focus is set on the text field. Remember the page does not reload. It just goes to the top of the page,
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GaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:

<a href="#" onclick='location.hash="#forma";document.getElementById("mytextbox").focus();'>

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If the hash tag is at the same level as the input you could drop the location.hash bit.
You can use this - just change the ID to the id of the element. Without code I cannot advise how/where you implement it. Is the anchor just a standard hash tag link?

robrodpAuthor Commented:
It is a simple hashtag;

<a href="#forma">llena la forma de contacto</a>

It takes to the beginning of the page
robrodpAuthor Commented:
Just right!!!
robrodpAuthor Commented:
Thx for great code
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