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My computer was in a network with a domain controller. When I set my ip address to dynamic. it can access internet. but when I set to fixed ip address even set the ip, gateway, subnet, dns, all the same as dynamic. it cannot access internet. may I known what happen. anyway to solve.
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AkinsdConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
My assumption is that you're no longer in the domain site you referred to....

Start with the basic first

1. Open command prompt
Ipconfig /flushdns

2. Check internet options in Internet Explorer and confirm that proxy settings are not enabled. If enabled, disable it.
(Option 252 helps auto configure proxy. Proxy settings could also have been configured using group policy)

3. Computers prefer ipv6 whenever available
Your computer is most likely using ipv6 for it's DNS resolution
Disable ipv6 and try again

4. Reset your NIC
Open command prompt (Run as administrator)
Netsh interface ip reset
Netsh winsock reset

If that does not resolve it, enable network discovery (not directly related but may help)

All the best
kianhowAuthor Commented:
Jason O'RourkeConnect With a Mentor Systems AdministratorCommented:
Maybe your system is depending on DHCP for WPAD? Check with your network administrator if your network's DHCP server is supplying an option 252. If it is, you may need to know what value it is supplying to properly configure a proxy for internet access.
pmitllcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am thinking that something is not exactly the same when you configure Dynamic vs Static.  Can you post an image when you are connecting Dynamically so we can verify?

The Subnet mask is what I am leaning towards.

Your DNS Server is set to
Your IP is

With a Subnet mask of, your computer and your DNS server (Domain Controller) are not on the same network.
kianhowAuthor Commented:
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