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I have looked everywhere on how to change the windows profile picture for the user and I have followed the directions on how to do it via group policy. My main DC is Win 2008 r2 and my secondary is serv 2003 sp2. Most of my environment is windows 7 with just a few a computer (less then 10) that have windows xp sp3.

I created a bmp picture and saved it in the folder that you are supposed to save it so that GPO can distribute at login. I have had no luck.'
Anyone have any ideas?

We are trying to add the firm logo t all computers that are windows 7.

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pmitllcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've never done this myself, but after reading this, it looks like it explains the problem you have and how to fix it:
cisgoro76Author Commented:
That worked, thank you!
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