Question regarding Dell T7500 Precision

Lee, William 8:31 PM
I have a Dell T7500 Precision Workstation and just purchased the 2nd Dual CPU/Memory Riser card. After installing it powering up the workstation my power button is amber instead of green and my 3 networking icons are flashing and not booting up. My 1st Processor is a 2.40 Quad Core Xeon CPU E5530 and the 2nd one which I purchased is the same model.  I was told that although both processors are the same model, power, and quad core that some kind of Stepping code must be the same in order for my T7500 to work with dual processors.  I’ve tried to see if this info is in the Dell T7500 Precision docs but could not find anything.  Any help would be much appreciated.  BTW the riser card does work.
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PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
The stepping code will often be found on the CPU itself, but you can also get it using an application like CPU-z ... you would have to boot up the system with each one individually to get it though, which might be good test anyway - to make sure that the new processor is actually working.

You might also try clearing the NVRAM/RTCRST using the jumpers on the motherboard to remove any BIOS prejudice in the hardware setup.

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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
"amber light — A blinking amber light indicates a problem with
the system board. A solid amber light when the computer does
not start indicates that the system board cannot start
initialization but that the power supply is good - in normal
operating state"

I would suggest you get a copy of SIW ( ) and, with one module at a time installed, look in the Hardware -> CPU Info section to see the revision info for your CPU's.  If they are different, you'll probably need to buy another. (yuck)

You might; though, try the A14 BIOS:
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