Drupal, move website to public_html; no index page

I'm setting up a Drupal site using a purchased theme called Reddesign from Theme Forest.
The theme directories are loaded in public_html on Web Hosting Hub., but there is no "index" in the directory. Can't seem to create one there.
I can see the site here (basic theme layout):
....but can't login as admin to customize the theme. User name for the database, Reddesign, is not accepted.
As expected, since there's no index, the desired final product: http://www.usadoityourselfautorepair.com, is a blank page.
Any help is much appreciated.
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buddy711Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I've deleted everything for a clean restart.
I had the database in http://usa.....com instead of http://www.usa.....com.
Now I can see the site and log in.
So far so good; just afraid to use any modules due to multiple bad experiences, including eCommerce.
Aaron FeledyDrupal Developer and ConsultantCommented:
You seem to be missing files in your Drupal install. Try installing Drupal from scratch in the public_html directory then install the theme there.
buddy711Author Commented:
Hello again, Arrow_1, and thanks for the reply.
Drupal has really been a quagmire for me, but I'm still trying.
I deleted the Reddesign theme and installed a fresh Drupal.
Also installed a new theme, Nexus from Drupal.org in public_html/sites/all/themes.
Still have a problem.
New theme requires a login from http://usadoityourselfautorepair.com/?q=user&destination=node.....
to get to http://usadoityourselfautorepair.com/#.
That's the "logged-in" version for making edits, but how do I get the site to appear in:
http://www.usadoityourselfautorepair.com   (?)
That's what the client needs to see for his review.
Thank you for your help.
buddy711Author Commented:
It required an extensive trial and error process to find a solution.
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