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I have a dedicated server(2012) running hyper-v and linux guest os(ubuntu 13.04). I've tried Cent-OS and ubuntu, the first with integration services and the latter with bundled kernel modules.

Machine has bridged network-switch, 5 ip:s (4 within same subnet x.x.x.68-71). The bridge has two ip's assigned, one being within the subnet of the four (x.x.x.68).

In case it matters, dedicated server is at iWeb. I've been otherwise very happy with the service.

Quest has ip of x.x.x.69.

I did netsh as attached. I've been playing around with network settings&restarted services but did not manage to get networking going.

Would appreciate help.
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In the Hyper V console assign the Linux NIC as a Legacy Networking Device.
jaba_oAuthor Commented:
That was a good one, however I've tried that right from the start. The synthetic Nic is useable later in the configuration, according to most of the do-it-yourself howtos.

ifconfig shows the NIC all right including gateways, IPs and MACs. MAC is the same in hyper-v nic as with linux.

I assume I'm screwing up the routing and don't understand the operator system well enough.

I would setup this on a local machine, but it's impossible to mimic operator networking setup.

I've read a dozen of howto's and followed half of them with no luck.
TimotiStDatacenter TechnicianCommented:
What exactly are we trying to accomplish here?
You want a Linux box listening on 4 IP addresses?
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jaba_oAuthor Commented:
Thanks for a response TimotiSt. I'd like linux vm listen to one of these ip's. A howto points out that one ip should be reserved as a gateway in the same subnet as all th vm's. This did not work for me.

I'm currently waiting for a possibility to do a network tcp-ip reset. See if it get's me anywhere.

I've tried with default network configuration and bridged (to virtual switch).So I've been desperate.

I'll be back at the same exact situation in 2-3 hours after this reset thing...
jaba_oAuthor Commented:
The reset was done and full network functions were restored. With a help of serveradminz.com. They did a good job!

I'll continue to try to get internetconnection for the linux vm.

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jaba_oAuthor Commented:
I got it working with legacy nic + enabling forwarding for the switch with netsh.

Next step is to use the faster not-so-legacy virtual card. ANy ideas?

It's ubuntu 13.04 server
jaba_oAuthor Commented:
All is good, don't even know what was the problem in the first place...
jaba_oAuthor Commented:
There was no help within a few days of waiting
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