Wheels for 2003 Ford Focus ZX3

My daughter has a 2003 Ford Focus ZX3 that came with 16-6 4-lug 5-spoke alloy wheels with low profile tires.  One of the rims has a flat spot on it and causes a slow leak in the tire.

I was wondering if I could replace the wheels with other Focus 4-lug rims using regular tires instead.  It would be more cost effective for her in the long run due to the fact that the low profile tires are more expensive.  Plus it rides a bit rough with the low profiles.

I wasn't sure if there would be enough room in the wheel well area on the car.

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I'm a computer guy, not a car guy.... so don't take my word for it. But I've come to trust TireRack.com's recommendations.

Seems like your car has

Bolt pattern:    4-108
Rim sizes:      15" or 16"
Tire sizes:    195/60-15  (for 15" rims), or 205/50-16 (for 16" rims)

You cannot mix and match the tire size and rim size for cars. For each size of rim, there is a specific size of tire designed for the car. You want lower profile tires? You need a larger rim. You want fatter tires? You need a smaller rim. The TOTAL diameter of the wheel, edge to edge, stays roughly the same regardless of the rim size and tire profile you select.

TireRack.com lets you enter your model of car into the site and it will filter the results to show you only wheels that are actually compatible with your car. I've found it to be very reliable.


From the looks of it, Ford equips the car with either 15" or 16" rims depending on the trim package chosen when the car was first bought. The car itself is the same, so you should be able to buy 15" rims and correspondingly sized 195/60-15 tires and install them on the car without any trouble.


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One other note, looking at TireRack.com's "important notes" for some of the rims, it looks to me that if your car has rear disc brakes, you probably will require 16" rims. And that means you need 205/50-16 tires.
Standard tires are 195 / 60 on 15 inch rims.

"It would be more cost effective for her in the long run due to the fact that the low profile tires are more expensive."

That would depend on the tire wear of her driving habits.

Low profile (all tires) tires use different rubber compounds = different braking safety, cornering safety.
Safety vs cost is relative to her driving conditions.

I suggest you consult your local tire dealer for advice.
OverthereAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your research!
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