Nexus 1000v secondary VSM hangs indefinitely

Hello All,

We are trying to stand up a couple nexus 1000v switches.  Both were deployed via an OVF template.  The primary happily accepted its role is primary.  When we set the secondary's role as secondary during the initial install it rebooted as expected, however now it just hangs at loading.  If I power the primary off the secondary will boot up.  I have verified all the vlan mappings are correct.  If I install these switches as standalone they can ping one another and their gateway.

N1KV-SW1# sh mod
Mod  Ports  Module-Type                       Model               Status
---  -----  --------------------------------  ------------------  ------------
1    0      Virtual Supervisor Module         Nexus1000V          active *
2    0      Virtual Supervisor Module                             powered-up

Mod  Sw                Hw      
---  ----------------  ------------------------------------------------  
1    4.2(1)SV1(4a)     0.0                                              

Mod  MAC-Address(es)                         Serial-Num
---  --------------------------------------  ----------
1    00-19-07-6c-5a-a8 to 00-19-07-6c-62-a8  NA

Mod  Server-IP        Server-UUID                           Server-Name
---  ---------------  ------------------------------------  --------------------
1        NA                                    NA

* this terminal session

I can't seem to sync the configs:

N1KV-SW1# copy run start
[########################################] 100%
Configuration update aborted: request was aborted

Show redundancy

N1KV-SW1# sh system redundancy status
Redundancy role
      administrative:   primary
         operational:   primary

Redundancy mode
      administrative:   HA
         operational:   None

This supervisor (sup-1)
    Redundancy state:   Active
    Supervisor state:   Active
      Internal state:   Active with warm standby                

Other supervisor (sup-2)
    Redundancy state:   Standby

And finally the console messages from the primary VSM

Error in getting supervisor and internal state of other supervisor.
N1KV-SW1# 2013 Oct  4 19:12:22 N1KV-SW1 %PLATFORM-2-MOD_REMOVE: Module 2 removed (Serial number )
2013 Oct  4 19:18:45 N1KV-SW1 %PLATFORM-2-MOD_DETECT: Module 2 detected (Serial number :unavailable) Module-Type Virtual Supervisor Module Model :unavailable
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dego76Author Commented:
Sorted it out.  The control VLAN was not tagged on the trunks to the Nexus.

NK1V-SW1# sh mod
Mod  Ports  Module-Type                       Model               Status
---  -----  --------------------------------  ------------------  ------------
1    0      Virtual Supervisor Module         Nexus1000V          active *
2    0      Virtual Supervisor Module         Nexus1000V          ha-standby

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