Congratulations to padas

Back in the day there was a tradition in Web Dev (and some other Topic Areas) of recognizing the special effort it takes to reach a new level on the site or in a topic. I'd like to revive that tradition.

So congratulations to padas on becoming an Ace overall.  I think all Experts understand the kind of effort it takes to get that high up in the rankings, and members who have had answers from padas know that he puts in the effort to cover the whole solution, not just a quick link, or a couple of lines of code.

As long as the admins let me; I am going to start posting congrats threads as a bit workplace recognition.  If I miss an important milestone, let me know, or post the thread yourself. In EE ancient times these kind of threads did a great deal to help bring the Community together and foster the kind of communication and collaboration that not only helps make things run smoothly, but gives us a chance to see how others are doing; and more important gives us a chance to encourage new Experts who are working hard to get that first master cert in one of the Web Dev topics.

I'll de-index and make sure the points are zero to insure these are just a local celebrations of excellence.  Not everything is going to get a thread.  When a high ranked Expert gets an "accidental" cert as a result of a lot of cross-posting, the Expert probably does not need the incentive to keep going, and with the range that some Experts have we would end up with congrats threads just about every day. So let's try to keep it to the core Web Dev topics and let the summaries in the Newsletter take care of those tshirt generators.

So now that I've cluttered padas' congrats thread let's give him a few +1s or maybe +10s.

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Scott Fell, EE MVEConnect With a Mentor Developer & EE ModeratorCommented:
Wow! Thank you very much Cd&!  Took a day off and this was very nice to come back to.  I really appreciate the recognition.

Jason, I am softening on wordpress just a little...
Padas, Congratulations! +10. :-)
Already congratulated him but congrats again padas!
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Congrats, padas.  I'm always happy to see you participating in a question with me because I know I'm going to see a well-thought out and on-topic post (even if it is biased against Wordpress :p) that helps the asker out.  

You are a credit to the traditions and history of EE and I hope to see you around for years to come.
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
+1 congrats !!
COBOLdinosaurAuthor Commented:
I am softening on wordpress just a little...

Oh no!  Don't fall under the influence of the evil WP... next thing you know you will be swallowed by Joomla and devoured by Drupal. ;^)

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