outlook pst

I am scanning some pst file with scanpst.
I copied the pst files to a backup folder and scanned them in that folder, then copied the scanned folders back.
since I have a backup of these files, I thought I would scan them one more time at there original location, and scanpst found more errors on the files
so I'm wondering, how many times do you need to scan a pst? Is it going to find errors every time?
has anyone tried to scan a pst until there were no more errors? if so, how many times did it take?
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I've scanned PSTs many times. You might need to scan more than once. I have had PSTs that got fixed after the 1st scan and other that needed several scans. I remember a special one (huge and belonging to the President, of course) that needed more than 20 scans.
I usually consider a PST healthy after 3 consecutive negative (no errors) scans.

I never found the way to discover since the beginning the exact number of scans needed.

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JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
ok, i'll try a few more scans
the next scan did go faster, maybe that's a good sign
thanks for the help.
You are welcome!
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