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Here is an odd one. I have sound on my computer, I can play music and videos. I can also go to web sites to watch and listen to videos. There seems to be no problem with playing video and sound except on Youtube. I can play Youtube videos but hear no sound.

My system is Windows 7 professional. I updated flash and macromedia but it made no difference. I also am using IE, Chrome, and Firefox for browsers. Recently, I upgraded iTunes but I don't know if that is when the problem started since I haven't been on Youtube for awhile.

Do you have any idea why sound will play for anything and any site except for videos from Youtube?
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Kent DyerConnect With a Mentor IT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
OK..  On the screen where you play Youtube at the bottom of the movie window..  Is the volume turned up?

Have you restarted your computer?

Did you recently apply an update for Flash?

Is this internet Explorer?  Firefox?  Chrome?

is your browser cache full?

Do you have damaged Extensions?
jhiebAuthor Commented:
Oh my. It was that simple. I did not know there was a volume meter at the bottom of a youtube video. I increased the volume and I can now hear it. Imagine that :-). Thank you.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
I had the same problem yesterday. My speakers tested fine for with everything except the browser.

While viewing a video on you tube, look for a speaker icon just under the video progress bar. It has a horizontal volume settings slider. Click on the slider and move it to the right and your speakers should work perfectly.

Attached is a screen print detailing the slider.

Hope this helps!
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