Can't get radio -wfuv - at a rest stop.  other internet works ok.  wqxr does not work. wkcr radio works ok.  got winamp but not sure how to use it for radio.  using Firefox.
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It's working fine for me.  Try going to using a different browser, like internet explorer, and see if the problem is with your browser.
lewisoAuthor Commented:
Sorry I didn't put caps on purpose i was pressured to get a solution and didn't want to go back and type again after i hit the caps key accidentally
lewisoAuthor Commented:
Problem was that i didn't have adobe flash installed.

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Just sending a friendly ping to lewiso, please be a responsible member and close your question just like you close your front door .
I just realized as per your last comment you have resolved it with Adobe flash .
May as well delete it since you resolved it yourself.
lewisoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion that I might delete the question, but I have accepted my own solution because that way it will be available in teh database to someone who is searching for a solution to a similiar problem.
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