Blekko Search Redirect

Yesterday 04 OCT 13 I was merrily doing some searching when I noticed than in the tab portion of my Firefox browser for an instant I saw that she searches I was clicking on were being redirected to blekko although the results were will within the original search engine.

I did a scan with malwarebytes and it came up with a whole host of things and which I'll post along with this question but there was nothing in it that even remotely suggested blekko. Upon searching about blekko I learned that this could well be something not exactly "kosher" !

I noticed than in doing other scans that this redirect thing was not happening and then in dawned upon me that this was only happening when I was doing searches with the search "engine" that is used by PCH (Publishers Clearing House).

Upon doing a search with my favorite search engine, duck duck go, I could find no relationship between blekko and PCH, however it does seem strange to me that this occurrence would only happen when using the PCH search portal.

Bottom line here is that I am very suspicious of PCH and their methods pertaining to searching.  get this bad feeling about the entire matter.

Secondly, I'd like someone to take a look at this Malwarebytes scan report and see if there is really anything there that I should be aware about and should delete, etc.

Any help and confirmation about these two possibly unrelated events would be highly appreciated. Since doing the malwarebyte scan I have not attempted acans with other engines, although I have several at my disposal.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
First, I deleted your other question as it was a duplicate of this one with the MBAM output. I trust you understand.

Second, re: Blekko appears to be a legitimate search engine although I don't use it. It could have spawned from Publishers Clearing House but (a) I don't know for sure and (b) I do not use PCH.

Finally, I looked through your MBAM scan briefly and nothing stood out as dangerous. Did the screen output of MBAM select any items itself?  I do not see anything in the scan that relates to Blekko.

I suggest you clear your cookies and temporary files in Firefox and then do a regular scan with your regular Antivirus program.  Then just proceed.

.... Thinkpads_User
HMCSAuthor Commented:
Sorry about the duplication - it was a accidental error since I was having difficulties with the web site, my apologies.

The Cookies and temp files are automatically removed at each session when I use my CC Cleaner. I rarely use IE since I've used FF Since version 1.0 and am quite happy with it personally.

My anti-virus is a free version of Avast. I'll do this sometime today. I am glad that the Malwarebytes showed nothing suspicious and showed nothing pertaining to blekko and no the software did not select any items by itself.

I'll post the results from Avast when I have them !

Thanks for the input ! :-)
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I've done the Avast scan and it seems to be ok but there are alot of things in the report which could not be scanned. There are 3 parts to this report an I include all 3 of them.

Please let me know what you think and if I should conduct another scan using another engine, etc.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I don't see anything there to worry about. I cannot see from here why it cannot scan things. It could be a permission problem. Still, where it is scanning with these messages are not generally problem areas.

So I do not think you need to be concerned.

My view is that Blekko and PCH are perhaps less benign that some very plain sites and I do not use them. That is your call of course.  Still, I don't think there is any thing to be concerned about in this case.

... Thinkpads_User

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HMCSAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much - I am relieved about the Blekko and also the Avast scan. I have not had malware or virii problems in awhile now !

Thanks for relieving my mind - I can go back to more or less usual computing! :-) Now if the government problems of a shutdown and debt ceiling could be so easily solved as this small problem of mine !

Be well and take care - thanks again :-)
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@HMCS  - Happy to help - good luck going forward.

... Thinkpads_User
HMCSAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick help !!! :-)
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