How to put actionscript code for a button?

Hi Experts!

Could you please give me a way to put actionscript code for a button, accordingly with the Picture, what must be done to allow the code be entered?

img 01
Thanks in advance!
Eduardo FuerteDeveloper and AnalystAsked:
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It seems likely (because the actions window is "Current selection can not have actions applied to it" that your fla is setup to use Actionscript 3 (AS3).

If for some reason you want to apply actions directly to a button, you have to use Actionscript 2 (AS2). To change your fla to AS2, goto 'File > Publish settings > Flash tab > script and change that to Actionscript 2.0

Then, select your button again, go to the Actions window and paste the following code

on (release) {
      // put the code you want to run when the button is clicked on the next line(s)

You should know that if there is other Actionscript 3.0 code in your fla, then changing the Publish settings to AS2 will probably make that code fail.... So....

You can add code to an AS3 button by placing selecting an EMPTY keyframe in the timeline (usually in a layer called 'Actions' so you can find your code again easily). Your button MUST have an instance name. Set this by selecting the button on the stage, go to the Properties panel, and type the instance name in the 'Instance name' field at the top of the Properties panel window. I'm going to assume you've named it 'Button1' in the code below.

Here is the code to use (paste into the Actions panel when you have an empty keyframe selected.

Button1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, ButtonClick);
function ButtonClick(ev:MouseEvent):void
trace("Button1 has been clicked.");
// place any other code you want to run before the closing curly brace below

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Eduardo FuerteDeveloper and AnalystAuthor Commented:

After follow your very didatic instructions I created and put the code at the buttons but unfortunatelly the .swf doesn't run OK...

Could you have a look at ?

The previous version runs OK at

The fla with the modifications you suggested at:

If possible, could you take a look on what is causing this problem?
Because I don't know what is, or is not, supposed to happen, I don't know which part is broken.

Could you please be more specific about which things should be clickable, and what should appear when you click them?
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Eduardo FuerteDeveloper and AnalystAuthor Commented:
The new swf will work almost the same manner than the actual one works- the new version changed only one buton functionality.

I put the swf in production at the same place

only if you could have a look...

Works OK

The one that doens't work OK even after the code I put.
You say that one button functionality has changed - are you able to say which button? (otherwise I can only guess, and I don't want to do that because I'll probably guess wrong)

And when you have identified the button, can you please say what you'd like that button to be doing that it isn't doing now?
Eduardo FuerteDeveloper and AnalystAuthor Commented:

The only button changed is the last one
Just one thing I guess the designer done from the previous version to the actual version that is a new layer that maybe is causing the problem:

Previous version:
New version:
So ALL the buttons, even coded are for some reason not fired....
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