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I am looking for WCF design opinions.  I have written plenty of Windows services using C++, but I am relatively new to .NET and WCF.  The service will probably only handle a few hundred request a day, not a heavy load.  I would like to know how people with WCF experience monitor recent history.   By recent history, I only care about the last 5 minutes and any active request.  Not an hour ago or yesterday.  I could write log statements to a database or store them in a string array and then create another web site to display activity to an administrator.  Based on your experience is there a more elegant solution? Is there a common pattern or built in support I should be looking at?  Thanks for your input.
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Your solution is valid if your wanting a dashboard type of environment however, here are some links with different techniques that may help you as well:


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wilfordrocksAuthor Commented:
Very good information.  Thank you very much.
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