System Image vs. Recovery Disk

Hi gang,

I have a Windows 8 Toshiba laptop.  I have a valid Windows 7 Pro installation disk.  I see that for my serial number there are Windows 7 drivers for the device.  I would like to downgrade to Windows 7 but in the event it goes crazy I would like to beable to recover to Windows 8 that I have.  I have backed up my data files and don't have many programs.

What do I need to create that would allow me to boot and re-install Windows 8 if I had to on my laptop?


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Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Is there a  pre-installed software called “Toshiba recovery media creator” tool?

In the user’s manual,  it should say that every notebook owner should create recovery DVD or recovery USB media using preinstalled “Toshiba recovery media creator” tool.

it depends john.
if the laptop has a recovery partition, then that can be used for recovering to W8  - so don't remove it.
if you want to make images - i suggest the free  paragon software for all OS versions
stargazerm31Author Commented:
Thanks for the post.  The laptop does not have a recovery partition.

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then using an imaging tool, is your best option; and do image the whole disk.
store it on an external disk
The laptop does not have a recovery partition.

That seems unlikely for a Win 8 Toshiba laptop. How did you determine that no recovery partition exists? (Note that it may be 'hidden'.)

stargazerm31Author Commented:
Found the Toshiba tool.  Didn't know it was there.  Thanks.
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