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With previous EE assistance and some creative calculations I have managed to create the attached time sheet with calculations for two daily blocks of hours. Everything works but the cumulative calculation on row 31 column D. As is clear from the calculation I am simply trying to sum the cumulative hours from Monday and Tuesday, but for some reason the calculation is showing zero even though there are obviously values in the cells being calculated. Obviously I hope to repeat similar calculations throughout the worksheet, but I first need to understand what I am doing wrong with the time value calculations.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Buck_BeasomDatabase DesignerAsked:
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FaustulusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Another way, besides adding up Text values, would be a matter of formatting or calculation. Time is expressed as a fraction of a day. 3 hours = 0.125.
Therefore 3 hours + 3 hours = 0.25
If your cell was expecting a result like 6 hours it would be disappointed and show INT(0.25) = 0.
If your two values were in columns B and C you would get a result more to your liking with
barry houdiniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't see any attachment Buck,

If you get zero value when summing times that probably indicates that the time values are not real times but text values.

Are you using TEXT function in the calculation in those cells? If so then it's usually better to avoid that and just use cell formatting to get the required format.

regards, barry
Buck_BeasomDatabase DesignerAuthor Commented:
I'm splitting the points here, because while neither solution perfectly solved my problem, both helped point the way. It turned out that (for reasons I don't understand) my calculations were, indeed, throwing text values. So I was able to get my calculations to work by using the values function in the calculations.

Thanks for the insights.
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