SEO / SEM with SENuke xcr or Gscapper


We are looking at doing some serious seo link building and have found two tools were interested in but since this level of seo is new to us we are hoping for a few pointers.

Specifically we are trying to gauge the costs of additional services like decaptcha and proxies that are associated with these two programs.

any input is appreciated.

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GaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All these systems (the types that you have referred) are using black hat techniques that are likely to do you more damage than good.
Its better to have 100 good backlinks than 1000 crummy ones.
Trying to use software to get around captchas to spam your site is just going to be trouble for you.
sio2yAuthor Commented:
Thanks - can you recommend good resource for steps on how to do that?
I don't like to recommend any software for things like this as most tend to be blackhat, the SEO software I do use is only for the means of determining SEO factors within a page.
Sometimes the best way is the hard way - and that means building up a link exchange with relevant website on a manual basis.
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