Multiple Instances of Jquery WordCount

Trying to use the jquery wordcount plugin on multiple instances of textareas on my site.   Missing something obvious.  The first one works but the rest do not.

<script type="text/javascript">
 * jQuery.textareaCounter
 * Version 1.0
 * Copyright (c) 2011 c.bavota -
 * Dual licensed under MIT and GPL.
 * Date: 10/20/2011
	$.fn.textareaCounter = function(options) {
		// setting the defaults
		// $("textarea").textareaCounter({ limit: 100 });
		var defaults = {
			limit: 300
		var options = $.extend(defaults, options);
		// and the plugin begins
		return this.each(function() {
			var obj, text, wordcount, limited;
			obj = $(this);
			obj.after('<span style="font-size: 11px; clear: both; margin-top: 3px; display: block;" id="counter-text">Max. '+options.limit+' words</span>');

			obj.keyup(function() {
			    text = obj.val();
			    if(text === "") {
			    	wordcount = 0;
			    } else {
				    wordcount = $.trim(text).split(" ").length;
			    if(wordcount >= options.limit) {
			        $("#counter-text").html('<span style="color: #DD0000;">0 words left</span>');
					limited = $.trim(text).split(" ", options.limit);
					limited = limited.join(" ");
			    } else {
			        $("#counter-text").html((options.limit - wordcount)+' words left');

<script type="text/javascript">

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Each of the textboxes have the id listed above.
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Using v2 it works fine, maybe it wasn't possible in v1 and there is nothing in the code to suggest it can be bound to more than 1 textarea
digitalwiseAuthor Commented:
Do you have a link to v2?
Actually  I think I was looking at a different plugin :^)

Anyway the one you are using is not programmed for multiple instances.
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digitalwiseAuthor Commented:
I guess I was looking to try to adjust the code so it could handle more than one instance.  The one you are referencing doesn't do anything for me - I need to limit the word count.
I will have a look at the plugin you are using and see if I can fix it a bit later
$("#counter-text").html((options.limit - wordcount)+' words left');

$(this).next("#counter-text").html((options.limit - wordcount)+' words left');

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