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Dear Experts,

I came across this issue as in trying to install linux mint 15 on raid. When I tried to setup the linux on raid, the entire process was very successful till I reached the grub section. I couldn't install grub successfully. I did configure the grub to be installed on raid. I've read few articles about installing linux on raid. Some said that it can only be achieved from software raid while some said it can be done through raid setup that came with BIOs setup.

My question is that how can I successfully install grub on raid? I am using raid 0 configuration.

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Specifically what is the RAID controller, or is this the standard md -based software RAID?
it has nothing to do with RAID... so boot MINT in resuce/fail safe and then install the grub. Again telling you nothing to do with RAID.


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kisegiAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I will give it try. I was trying to setup RAID 0 from BIO. I don't have a hardware raid controller. I am using a md-based software RAID.

When I installed Mint, it does not recognize the RAID 0 that I setup from BIO although I did specified that's the partition. During the installation phase, I saw that grub was still looking for /dev/sda. I've tried the cinnamon, kde, and debian version of the Linux Mint.

I just need to find a way for GRUB to recognize the RAID 0 that I setup from BIO and what will be the best way for GRUB to recognize the RAID 0 that I setup from BIO? Will this work? If not, I will have to use the md-based software RAID?
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