Are Starcraft animated unit GIF's all transparent?

I'd like to have as many of the starcraft units, buildings as possible, their sprites, for test purposes on my project. If I find a zip of them, will they be animated, transparent?

Is there a zip of them out there?

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There are hundreds, I'm sure you've already looked through Google. Most sprites you can download from the web are in their raw format with background transparency in frame sheets for you to build into an animated .gif there are some you can download already built.

Starcraft or SC2?  If you didn't know already the Starcraft units are all 2D graphics.  Some of the SC2 3D graphics are more complex as they have two independent animations super-imposed and need to be coded to overlay their position.

If you have the original Blizzard game files the sprites are in the .mpq files, you'll need an .mpq decompressor/extractor to access them independently.  

I'm not going to labor the legal issues but both the Starcraft and SC2 artwork is copyrighted so don't go publishing your project using graphics extracted from the game files.

There are a load of groups working on reworked images based on Starcraft which are either open source or under CCL (i.e. use with acknowledgements)
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