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HI ,

I need to run oracle sql tuning advisor on few sql statements generated by AWR report. Iam new to the Oracle 11g r2 . Can anyone guide me on how to run th esql tuning advisor on sql statements.

Thanks  in advance.
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Hi, I haven't use the tuning advisor (I use explain plans mostly) but the following tutorial might be what you are seeking:

This tutorial shows you how to use the SQL Tuning Advisor feature in Oracle SQL Developer 3.0
The following is a list of software requirements:

Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition with access to the Tuning and Diagnostic management packs and with the sample schema installed.
Oracle SQL Developer 3.0.

Like most tutorials it is expecting particular data, but it does step through the process of using it.

Please let us know if this is helpful or not.

and: regarding the AWR, you might find this helpful:
How to get the most relevant information from a Statspack or AWR report in just one hour. Focusing only on the details that can be tuned, and that can potentially improve the user response time.
by Franck Pachot

By the way, have you looked at the explain plans of the " few sql statements "?
(see: this previous question)

If you wanted help on a particular query you could open a question for it and provide the explain plan (as text, not an image).

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Or....Use Enterprise Manager to locate SQL and execute the tuning advisor:

1) From Top Activity
2) From Search SQL
3) From Advisor Home -> SQL Advisors

Good luck!
sam_2012Author Commented:
Iam happy by both the solutions . Thanks a lot.
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