Good GNS3 CCNA lab that uses many of the CCNA subject

I'm looking for a GNS3 lab (does not have to be GNS3, but perfer GNS3) that has many of the CCNA subjects in one lab, I would like to use this to practice many of the CCNA subjects without having to do one lab per subject. I think this would be a good way to work on speed and to better memorize the fundamentals of Cisco subjects, I also would like one for CCNP. I figure it would be something like a final exam lab for the CCNA and or CCNP that would cover many of the subjects?

I know about sites that have labs for specific subjects, but I'm looking for a lab that includes many subjects.

I know GNS3 has limitations with switching, but that's OK, it has some switching abilities, anything it does not have I can do with my real switches.

Thank you,
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AkinsdConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
It looks like you need a CCIE lab.

CCIE is where all the knowledge acquired in CCNA and CCNP is fully tested. Even CCIE labs are in sections. The only true combined lab is in real life configuration and troubleshooting.

All the best
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