How do I insert the correct path to view a jpg on iPad2 generation 4 / filemaker Go

I created a prototype filemaker 11 database (named proto 1.fp7)  to test if the iPad would display the pictures once transfered from filemaker 11/PC to filemaker Go/iPad 4.
BUT - The pictures do not display.
I did insert the pictures choosing "store only as reference to the file"
First I created a folder named protfolder
Second I created the database and two pictures all saved within the protfolder
Third I uploaded the folder to dropbox and that's how it ended-up on the iPad
the container field where the picture should be visible only displays the following:
"size 2048,1536

A friend suggested using the "insert unformatted text" to the container field so that it would read
but it still doesnt display properly.
So I believe its a syntax error with the relative path name in iPad ???

Experts, I appreciate any help you can provide.
I've uploaded the database so that you can view it in the hopes of clarity in solving this problem.
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Will LovingPresidentCommented:
I don't have an iPad to experiment with but the file path you're seeing there  - imagewin:/J:/protfolder/sky1.jpg - is the path FileMaker Go (or Pro) is using to locate the image. That is the "reference" that is stored.

One way to fix this is to create a script that includes a calculation for the new path and resets the reference to look in the local folder. If you know the name of the image, you can use the Set Variable script step to specify the new local file path, and then use a loop to go through all the records and reset the file reference to the local path.

However, if you have the option to use FileMaker Pro 12, it has a number of new options for storing external container field data that do not exist in FileMaker 11 and earlier. You might try downloading the 30-day trial version and check to see how it works. Another advantage is that FileMaker Pro 12 uses the "free" version of FileMaker Go rather than the no longer available $40 version that runs with FM Pro 11 based files. (Be careful though, because I think the old version is no longer available. Downloading the newer version may or may not wipe out the old one. Do an iPad backup to be sure in case you want to restore to the FMP 11 based version of Go.)

See this article for more details on FileMaker Pro 12's container field options:

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John90631Author Commented:
Thanks willmcn for you input. I need to stick to fm 11 since my workplace still hasnt upgraded to 12.
Since I'm a total newbie to fm/ipad, I'd like to see if there is a way to construct one valid path for one container field. My next effort would be that script you described but for today, while I'm still in ignoramous mode I want to solve for the least challenging effort.
John90631Author Commented:
Here is the prototype database file I was referring to...
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