Will xpmode run better in 1)shared the gigabit card 2)nat 3)it's own other NIC

Currently have a network with 10 Windows 7 pro pcs and each has an expmode. If I set the Windows 7 card to 1 gbps, not auto negotiate, xpmode works great. If I assign the xpmode pc it's own network card (the pc now has two) performance is better but takes a chunk of out of my bandwidth. Each Windows 7 pc and xpmmode pc has it's own IP address and is part of the domain. What if I do NAT? or SHARED NAT? What happens to my xpmode?
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
How are you using your two network cards in the host? Teamed ?

If you use NAT or Shared NAT it will use the existing network card for traffic.

It takes alot of traffic, to saturate a 1GBps link?

What is your networkm utilisation per nic ?
Empirically, what makes the VM run better for me is upping the allocated memory to at least 1024MB... setting the NIC as NAT works fine here, but I'm usually using only Win7 or the VM; not both at the same time.
if you do NAT, you'll share the corresponding network card(s) between the host and guest(s)

unless your host is dying, there should be little to no difference from using a card directly performance-wise though the latency might be significantly higher. you'll loose the possibility to host a service on the vm unless you do a port redirection on the host. you can both do that and aggregate the two network cards for maximum shared throughput if that is what you need.

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