How to write and play the VOB , avi and xvid files in DVD Player?


My DVD player doesn't support to play the Xvid files and VOB - movie data files?
Is there any free DVD Writer that can convert these files and copy into a DVD to play in my DVD Player?
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Hi  sivakugan , your question would have been better laid out with more details
Such as what DVD player on the TV or the PC.
Are you trying playing a DVD platter "you made or commercial, and your DVD player wont player,
putting my dvd player wont play vobs?
or movie data?? what is that?
So much guess work,
To start with in order to play Xvid " Divx" in your DVD player you need to have made a DATA disc
and have a divx codec installed or a Divx player some supported codecs that would be used if you wanted add the Xvid to your DVD compilation.

Is there any free DVD Writer that can convert these files and copy into a DVD to play in my DVD Player?

Let me explain a little the DVD structure.
The process of burning a DVD is called authoring.
Like we are authorising the files into such a compact unit/structure that the laser will read them
When you take some video/pictures and music and drop them on to a video editor/ combine them in to this structure that is called authoring it, all your files are combined and converted to DVD compliant mpeg2 format.

Authoring means adding chapters points markers if you will in the movie, you know when you play a movie it opens to the main menue where you can choose a direction and what to play.
This structure contains the Video_ts <video marked 1 -2-3-4- and so on for each chapter
These include the file director if you like that tells the laser to read here these are called
ifo and bup files which are like the cue points for the laser, they contain the information about each chapter like a text telling the laser where to jump to.
A traffic cop..If you listen to your laser,  it jits  across  your  DVD platter back and forth very quickly making a light sound until it reads these ifo and bup files then it plays.
So that structure must be correct and the disc finalised.
To "edit" ~>combine images video music with effects and transitions,
Flash is not supported,
supported formats avi, wmv mov mod ac3 audio mp3 audio
 and then to author a DVD  burn to disc compile the DVD
there is  windows moviemaker free with windows 7 windows live essentials which you can download.
There is one that may be bundled with your DVD rom Like Nero/
There is free DVD Flick another open source
There is Windows 7  inbuilt DVD maker
When you insert a blank DVD-R in to the rom it should offer you what do you want to do.
Burn a disc with windows DVD maker

Alternatively you could just rename the video_ts extension from the _video_ts to moviename.mpeg

Now back to your question, it needs more details so that I can form a picture in my head of what your doing.
I cant tell if it is a problem with your windows not having a the right codec or DVD player is out of date and can't play the newer HD DVD
which windows?
If it is a problem with a DVD movie  you made?
for the TV DVD player or PC DVD Rom.

XP? windows 7
As XP wont run the windows 7 versions.
But for now I''l guess it's windows 7.
Xp needed the mpeg2 codec/ dvd codec which is usually with a dedicated DVD Decoder such as Power DVD
Windows 7 has it inbuilt in WMP 12.

 In XP you can get around that, or even in windows 7
 by using open source players
When you install these they provide the codec in themselves VLC and media player classic home cinema both provide the mpeg2 codec and the divx codec "avi codecs.
I use this one Media player classic BE
About it
Windows live essentails
The how to with WMM

Use a DVD-R to write to DVD not DVD+R or DVD-RW or DVD+RW
and finalise the Disc no more can be written to it.
Verbatim, Sony TDK burn at speeds x4 no faster than x8
To determine if it is just a codec problem or maybe something you made incorrectly, I need you to fill in those details.
No sense in writing up the dictionary on DVD authoring probabilities/improbabilities..
Regards Merete
sivakuganAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

Thank you for the very explanatory answer. I have Windows 8. (Not 8.1) and I can play Xvid , Divx in my PC with Windows Media Player.  I have a Xvid movie and I want to burn into another DVD  and I did copied into another DVD using Windows Media Player.
However when I inserted into My DVD player, It couldn't play that.
My DVD player is Sony - DAV TZ510
Hi sivakugan thank you that helps,
I hope to give you a full understanding how this works, DVD making.
Hope it's not too lengthy as I do try to cover all basis.

I am still on windows 7 so will need to check what windows 8 has or should say doesn't  have
to confirm there is a difference between the PC DVD rom and how you play a DVD on your PC and the TV DVD player.
This >My DVD player is Sony - DAV TZ510< I take it is not on the PC but part of a TV system right and it wont play there?
From what I have learnt windows 8 has lots of limitations with multimedia not included  and you have to buy it.
Windows DVD Maker is gone. It's not in Windows 8 sadly
Regardless the problem is the Xvid format must be converted to mpeg if you want to use a DVD Video.
Windows Media player does not author your video to a true DVD video it probably burnt it as a data disc  your Xvid is burnt as is to a data disc, playable on the pc but not a DVD player on the TV these dvd players only support mpeg2 mpeg
Xvid and avi which won't be supported only on certain Divx supported DVD players.
as I explained above.
You'll need to get an Authoring DVD tool.

You have a DVD burner on your windows 8 did it come with any burner tools?<< This is important as your DVD authoring tool will use this to burnt the authored XVID now converted to mpeg2 with windows moviemaker.
The best I can offer you
DVD Flick free is very good and uses the img burn, everything is inbuilt includes guides, but if you need help I can post the steps
DVD Flick Guide

Try this one, I have not used it
Free Movie DVD Maker - Full description
Movie DVD Maker is a totally free DVD creator that fast converts any video to DVD and burn DVD with great quality.
It can create DVD easily from AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG, MP4, WMV, RMVB, FLV, etc, and make DVD burning from HD videos.
The powerful DVD authoring software also allows you create DVD menu from templates, trim video, plug-in subtitles with personalization. Transfer home movies to DVD anytime with great DVD burner and writing software.
I wrote up a bit on how to make  DVD compilation using Nero here
You could read what others try using

Do you have a USB socket on your TV?
The USB Stick or USB drive acts as a medium ( PLayer) for your TV
Try putting your Xvid movie on to a USB stick then pop it in to your TV USB slot put your TV on to Applications/USB  select Video and see if it plays
Or if your DVD player has a USB socket use that
I gave up on all this DVD discs and most of my movies are divx avi or Xvid on a 1 terrabyte USB HDD drive and I plug that in to my TV and select Video then from a menue a list of my movies

I  also use my Raspberry Pi  xbmc for mp4, with a small 14 gig usb stick or the HDD
but for individual video especially mp4, I'll post a couple of photos with my Rasberry pi, I have bought a case for it and am waiting  so for now it's just the board, I have also bought a Hdef cable, it works perfectly.
BTW you can buy these complete with open elec and  XBMC installed and in a case with a cables all you need is a keyboard
raspberry Pilooks like this
menue choose videoMp4 on my USB stick

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sivakuganAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the great answer that solved my problem.
Great to hear. I take it you used either DVD Flick or the DVD Maker?
Which one?
sivakuganAuthor Commented:

I just would like to let you know, from my DVD i Can play the video now but from the USB on TV , it says No items to select.  My files are in MP4 format.
Please see the screen shot.

Screen Shot for the File Format
Not all TV support mp4 sivakugan
but first did you select applications on your TV then USB? and then video?
try dropping an avi on the usb stick and test that like your divx avi you burnt to DVD

I have a Modern TV And it only supports avi / mpeg  via a USB drive or stick
that's why I went the way of the raspberry pi XBMC, see it in the top left corner xbmc?,
if you look in my screenshot the video is a mp4 that's playing  from the raspberry pi okay :)
 the raspberry pi  I paid 20 dollars for it but I had to install all the software ware,
 now come complete in a box installed with openelec- linux OS and the XBMC
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