exchange 2013 install in multiple sites, same domain

Hi Experts,

I have multiple sites, on the same domain.  Each site has EX07 or EX10 server.  Majority of the servers are EX07.

I have installed EX13 (CU2v2) in co-existence in one of the sites, all OK and migrated from 07 to 13 in that particular site.  The Schema master is also in this site.  All servers are up to date with latest updates and Service Packs, Roll ups, etc.  Everything is working as normal.

In one of the other sites I need to install another EX13 server.  This is in a different location from the first site and Schema master. I have verified in ADSI Edit that the Schema attributes are correct and up to date in comparison to the other sites so it appears the domain has updated across all sites as expected.

My question is when installing the 2nd EX13 server do I need to do any other prep to the domain or can I just run CU2v2 setup as normal.  Obviously the server needs to be prepared for the exchange install prior to installing.

I cannot find any documentation on installing EX13 in co-existence in multiple sites.

Can anyone assist with some advice on this?

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Miguel Angel Perez MuñozConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You only need run foresprep and domainprep one time per domain. Since all your Exchange servers are on same domain (but different sites), you must setup without run domainprep.
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