Windows Live Mail - Wont Go Online


I am running Windows Live Mail under Windows 7. Email settings are definitely correct - prompted to go online with a message "You are currently working offline - would you like to go online". I prompted twice with this message and each time clicked "OK". Mail fails to be sent and received.

What seems to be the problem here & how can i fix this problem?

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Sam Simon NasserConnect With a Mentor CONSULTANT/DIRECTORCommented:
Have a look at IE Tools | Work offline --- is it ticked? untick it, and WLM will be able to go online again.

a)    Open Internet Explorer browser.
b)    From the menu bar, click File. (If menu is not shown, press “Alt” + F button on your keyboard)
c)     Uncheck “Work offline” by clicking on it.
ie offlined)    From Windows Live Mail, click Send/Receive button. If you are being asked to go online, click Yes.
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